CLIENT: Blackdog robotics

BlackDog® Robotics was formed as a division of NPC Robotics with a strong desire to assist law enforcement, first responders and the military by providing a resilient and dependable modular robot. The goal: to design and develop a reliable and durable adaptable robotic tool to assist at high-risk scenes by providing planners and decisions makers with real time critical information to make optimized outcome decisions.

BlackDog® has a unique history from other robotics companies. They are not the guys you might imagine in lab coats, but rather the guys with dirt under their fingernails, and the callused hands you only get from years of turning wrenches and swinging hammers. What an awesome brand to be a part of.


BlackDog® Robotics, LLC

Norm Domholt - Founder and President

Michael Garrod - CTO

Wally Krueger - Law Enforcement Consultant


In Association With:

Erik Domholt - 3D Animation




BlackDog Robotics Tradeshow video