I was always more interested in the creation of something, rather than the use of what already existed. So, from a young age, I was a maker.

Throughout my early teens I loved taking photographs. I learned that pictures and images could tell stories just like the characters in my sketchbooks. I believe this was the genesis of a journey that I am still on today- The journey to connect with people.

After much time spent taking photographs, making movies, and drawing comics, I applied and was accepted at MCAD. While in the graphic design program I learned color theory, typography, motion graphics, and printing. Just like my photographs, my layouts were clean and mechanical. After realizing that almost all of my layouts used photographs in some way, I gravitated back to the camera. Within a month I had transferred into the Filmmaking program.

I wanted to use the power of motion picture to tell stories that could change peoples lives.

In October 2010, I founded The Zachary Nelson Company, a business that could develop and implement creative strategies for those who needed help building their unique brands. Since it’s beginning, my team has worked with race car builders, salesmen, musicians, designers, and families.

I am always looking to connect with new people, and tell new stories. 


Zachary Nelson, Owner

Minneapolis, USA